Phoenix Sun Online Slot, Quickspin

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Phoenix Sun demo


Provider Quickspin
Category Free Slots Online
Release 07.12.2016
RTP 96.05%
Variance MED
Max Win 40000
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ 0.1( 100 )
Layout 5-3
Game type Video Slots
Paylines 243
FreeSpins, Wild, Multiplier, Respin Wild
Theme Ancient civilizations
Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
Technology N/A
Last Update 26.10.2021

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Phoenix Sun Slot Review

Phoenix Sun Slot machines are not difficult to find. There is two Phoenix Sun Machines in each of the five casinos in Phoenix. Even at a quick glance, you can tell which machine is paytable and which one is not by the number and color of lights flashing on the screen.

Once you understand the symbols displayed on the machine, you will have to put your head in the sand. The symbols are not difficult to recognize - all you need to do is look at the board for a moment, and then remember what the symbols stand for. The first thing that you will notice about Phoenix Sun is how the large set of bright reels appears as the game downloads. Unfortunately, this little 6 x 5 black grid tends to shrink in size, but it's doubtful this is the final set you'll see of it throughout your session.

As you approach the middle of the second reel, you will notice a faint pattern of light shining through the slot reels. This is called the ‘sun.’ You can count on one of these to be the jackpot payable, because of the symbols displayed above them.

At this point, you should try to study the symbols on the lighted area of the board to identify the values. For example, you might see the symbol of the hourglass on the bottom left quadrant of the screen. If you see the hourglass at the bottom right of the screen, that suggests that there are two free spins left on the machine. When you enter the number of the light flashes, the number indicates how many free spins you will have.

The Phoenix Sun slot machine uses what is called a random number generator (RNG). This is a complicated but sophisticated computer that takes the current spin rate and throws it into the reels to ensure a payout. The way the reels are designed, you never know what number will come up. However, by carefully studying the symbols displayed, you can identify which symbols correspond to what values on the reels. You can then use these symbols to determine the value of each spin.

In the Phoenix Sun slot machine, you will find a couple of quick spin slots along the left and right sides of the board. These symbols, which are also called ‘star clusters,’ allow you to view symbols in binary format on the screen. Once you start spinning, you'll see that every time you place your bet, a star cluster will appear.

It is important to remember that while all the symbols on the reels are meaningful, not all of them will yield the same payout. Most symbols, including wild symbols, result in a max bet of x 5, and these symbols make up the center of the black slot board. The amount of winnings from each spin is denoted by the value of the wild symbol, and it changes according to how many times the symbol appears during a spinset. The value of a symbol is also related to the direction that the spin is spun in. For example, a symbol that spins clockwise will net you more money than a symbol that spins counter-clockwise.

To find out just how much money can be earned from Phoenix Sun Slot Machines, an Internet search turns up several calculators. These calculators allow you to plug in the winning numbers for one of the Sun's current slot games and then the free spins and payouts to determine just how much you could stand to earn. With these numbers, you can also determine which free spins will help you get the most money for your investment. Once you have these numbers, you may want to compare these with the numbers for other slots to see what kinds of return you might get.