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We use Cookie

We utilize cookies to provide various services when you access our website. These cookies play a vital role in recognizing your preferences and optimizing the ease and convenience of navigating our site.

What are Cookies?

Whenever you visit a website, a cookie, pixel, or comparable technology stores a small file or information on your computer or device. Over some time, this allows the website to remember and accumulate information about your actions and preferences. These may include login credentials, language, font size choices, and various display preferences. As a result, you can facilitate your sessions and not be required to re-enter these details every time you visit the website or navigate between pages.


By continuing to use our website, you are giving your agreement for our company to use and store cookies on your personal computer or other device. It is essential to remember that even if you choose not to allow cookies on your browser, you will still be able to view our website in many instances. Please be aware, however, that some functions may need to be appropriately performed, resulting in a slower navigation experience for you. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you have reservations about storing cookies on your computer or device, you can turn off the corresponding setting in your browser’s system preferences. Doing so can prevent cookies from being stored on your device while browsing. Additionally, if you have previously allowed cookies and wish to remove them, you can easily do so through your browser’s settings. It allows for complete control, customizing your browsing experience according to your preferences.

Visit for more information about cookies and how to manage them. Nevertheless, if you opt not to accept these files, it may adversely affect the functionality and performance of our services.

Cookie classifications

Cookies serve various purposes and provide different functionalities. Here are a few examples:

  • necessary for technical reasons (technical necessity);
  • stored for a specific duration and used accordingly (storage duration);
  • placed and stored by us or a third party (cookie provider).

Technical necessity

Technical cookies are:

  • Necessary. Some of them are used because they are required for the website and its functionalities to perform correctly and smoothly. Unless you have enabled your browser to refuse cookies, these files are automatically installed on your PC or device when you visit the website or test out a specific function.
  • Non-necessary. These are set on your PC or device to enhance the ease and functionality of our website. In addition, they can save specific preferences that you have made, allowing for smoother navigation. We also employ cookies that are not necessarily technically essential to gather data on how often users access particular parts of our website, allowing us to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Time spent in storage

Session cookies. They are only necessary when you are actively logged in to the website. When you leave our website or your current session ends, they will be removed from our database or made invalid, whichever comes first. For example, specific data might be tracked throughout your session using “session cookies.”

Permanent cookies. They are preserved for a lengthier amount of time than normal. For instance, when you revisit our website, we will be able to identify you and provide you with access to your previously saved preferences. Because of this, you can access online sites more quickly or with more ease. For instance, you will not have to re-enter certain information like the language in which you like reading content. After a specific duration, permanent cookies are automatically removed from users’ computers.

Flow cookies. They serve for internal server communication inside our business organization. They are downloaded onto your computer or other device before you begin navigating the website. As soon as you end your sessions, they will disappear immediately. Flow cookies come with their own unique identifying number. However, we cannot draw any conclusions about the user or client from this information, since it needs more detail.

Cookies providers

Provider cookies are placed either by the operator of our website on our behalf or directly by us. These cookies have distinct purposes and are intended to improve the functionality and performance of our website.

Conversely, third-party cookies are stored and used by external organizations or websites, such as web analytics tools. External providers, such as social plugins, may also utilize these cookies for displaying advertisements or integrating content from social networks. For additional details, please refer to the section below in this cookie policy.

Use of cookies in Web analytics and traffic monitoring

We utilize the Google Analytics tool to assess the frequency of visits to specific sections of our website and track user preferences. This powerful tool allows us to collect and analyze our website’s valuable user interactions and behavior data.

The data created by the cookie regarding your website activity (with a shortened IP address) is sent to Google’s server in the United States. This information is used to evaluate website usage, generate website activity reports for us, and provide other website and internet-related services. It may be shared with other parties if Google is obligated to do so by law or if Google contracts with third parties to handle the data on its behalf in specific situations.

If you prefer to prevent Google Analytics from analyzing your website activity, you can deactivate it through a browser add-on. Access this feature at It saves “opt-out” data on your device to indicate your preference for deactivating Google Analytics. Please note that this type of “opt-out” only applies to the specific device and browser from which it was activated. If you delete cookies from your device, you may need to reactivate this functionality.

Here are the cookies that we most frequently utilize:

  • Google Analytics enables tracking of online activity. Google sets the cookie associated with Google Analytics. It allows our website to gather data on user visits, including the visit duration, viewed pages, whether the user has previously visited, and the websites visited before ours.
  • Facebook Pixel is developed by Facebook, allowing our website to track, optimize, and expand the audience for advertising campaigns on the social network.
  • One Signal ensures the website remembers your agreement to receive push notifications upon signing up. It also facilitates the delivery of customized alerts.
  • VWO sets cookies in the end user’s and customer’s browsers to recognize the user. These do not store personal information and may also utilize browser web storage to store and retain data locally.
  • Hotjar manages this cookie and gathers non-personal data to enhance your online experience, diagnose technical issues, and analyze trends.
  • AdWords is utilized for running PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns.
  • Cloudflare’s cookies are used on the website to implement client-specific security settings.

Policy revisions

Our policy on cookies may undergo periodic updates as necessary. Any modifications will be recorded on this page.